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This listing consists of palaeoenvironmental sites within the SCAPE study area (western interior Canada and northern US) and adjacent areas, identified as INSCAPE and OUTSCAPE respectively. Not all sites are lakes; some are peatlands, wetlands, fens, or bogs. Many sites have yielded pollen data, but the listing also includes sites where plant macroremains, diatoms, ostracodes, and algal pigments have been investigated. The listing focusses on sites dealing with the postglacial interval, roughly 15,000 yr BP to present.

The references included for each site are the main ones with primary data or detailed discussions. Some of these sites have been widely cited in palaeoenvironmental discussions; these secondary references are not included here unless they add some significant new dimension to the site's interpretation. For the same reason, only a few review articles are included here. Finally, some sites are mentioned only in abstract but when more widely accessible refereed papers are available, these sources are cited in preference. Although most of these references were compiled during the SCAPE project (2000-2005), the list has been kept updated and contains a significant proportion of more recent references.

The INSCAPE area covers the southern portions of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, and extends into western Ontario, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and much of Minnesota. It is roughly bounded north and south by 54°N and 45°N, and west and east by 114°W and 93°W. An interim annotated bibliography of all the sites and references in pdf form can be downloaded here. That document compiled all references as of May 1 2004; this on-line listing in The Lake File is more up-to-date because it includes many references and sites added subsequently.

The OUTSCAPE area includes parts of British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, and northwestern Ontario, and the northern parts (north of 54°N) of Alberta, Saskatachewan, and Manitoba. It also includes sites from the northern USA, including parts of Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, South Dakota, and Minnesota.

The locational information for the sites is, in most cases, only approximate. It is often difficult to determine site locations from the original publications. Where possible, site locations are given in decimal degrees latitude and longitude. The values are rounded and given to two decimal places. You may view a mapped summary showing the approximate location of the sites; clicking on any site's location brings up a page of bibliographic information.

Acknowledgements: Assembly of much of the information and database comprising The Lake File was made possible by funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) through an MCRI Grant Number 412-99-1000 (2000-2005). I thank Yves Beaudoin (Webpraxis Consulting Ltd.) for developing the PHP scripts for this presentation.


Almora Lake
Andree Bog
Antelope Lake
Artery Lake
Bad Medicine Pond
Baldur Lake
Beauvais Lake
Beckman Lake
Bellshill Lake
Belmont Lake
Berens Island
Berens River
Bethel Bog
Big John Pond
Big Quill Lake
Big Shell Lake
Big Stone Lake
Big Watab Lake
Billy's Lake
Birch Island Pond
Birchbark Lake
Bird Island
Black and Hecla
Bog A Pond
Bog D Bog
Bog D Pond
Bossuot Lake
Boy River
Brush Lake
Buffalo Lake
Buffalo Pound Lake
Campbell Lake
Candle Lake
Cedar Bog Lake
Ceylon Lake
Chalmers Bog
Chappice Lake
Chauvin Lake
Chicog Lake
Cindy Pond
Clearwater Lake (Sask)
Cochrane Lake
Coldwater Lake (ND)
Cooking Lake
Cottonwood Lake (B)
Cottonwood Lake (SD)
Crevasse Flats
Crooked Lake (MN)
Crooked Lake (Sask)
Deadmoose Lake
Deep Lake (MN)
Deep Lake (SK)
Delta Marsh
Deming Lake
Devils Lake
Duck Mountain
Eagle Lake
Eaglenest Lake
Earl Grey
Echo Lake
Edmonton (Hansen 14)
Edmonton (Hansen 15)
Edmonton (Hansen 16)
Elk Island (B)
Elk Island Bog
Elk Island III
Elk Island Pond
Elk Lake (Clearwater Co., MN)
Elk Lake (Grant Co., MN)
Elkwater Lake
Faith Pond
Farquar Lake
Fawn Lake
Fishing Lake
Flintstone Hill
Fox Pond
Freefight Lake
French Lake
George Island
Gillis Lake
Glad Lake
Gooseberry Lake
Grand Rapids
Grassy Narrows
Grice Pond
Guardipee Lake
Gull Lake
Gypsumville Bog
Ham Lake
Harris Lake
Hastings Lake
Hayes Lake
Hecla Island
Helene Lake
Hentzel Lake (Bog)
Horse Pond
Horseshoe Lake (Alta)
Horseshoe Lake (MN)
Horseshoe Lake (Man)
Hostage Lake
Hubbard Lake Bog
Humboldt Lake
Ingebrigt Lake
Irvin Lake
Island Pond (Lake)
Itasca Bison Kill
Jacobson Lake/Nelson Pond
Jenner Dugout
Johns Lake
Johns Lake (ND)
Jones Lake
Joseph Lake
Katepwa Lake
Kavanaugh (Hansen 13)
Kayville (Scrimbit)
Keiver Lake
Kenosee Lake
Kerr Lake
Kettle Lake
Killarney Lake
Kirchner Marsh
Kirriemuir Dugout
Klassen Bajada
Kouert Lake
Lac Ste Anne
Lacombe (Hansen 12)
Lake A
Lake Ann
Lake B (Mott)
Lake Bronson
Lake Carlson
Lake Cochrane
Lake Isle
Lake Louise (Man)
Lake Manitoba
Lake Mina
Lake Minnetonka - Browns Bay
Lake Minnetonka - Carman Bay
Lake Minnie
Lake Sallie
Lake Winnipeg - North Basin
Lake Winnipeg - South Basin
Lake Winnipegosis
Last Mountain Lake
Lenore Lake
Lily Lake
Little Bass Lake
Little Fish Lake
Little Manitou Lake
Little Quill Lake
Lloyd's [sic] Lake
Lonetree Lake
Lost Lake (Montana)
Lost River Channel
Madge Lake
Mallard Lake
Manito Lake
Martens Slough
Martin Pond
Max Lake
McCraney Pond
Medicine Lake (SD)
Metiskow Lake
Mill Iron Site
Miller Lake
Mirror Pool
Mission Lake
Mondrian Tree Site
Moon Lake
Mordsger Lake
Mud Lake
Murphy Lake
Myrtle Lake
Near Winchell Lake
Netley Marsh II
Nipawin I
Nipawin II
Nipawin III
Nora Lake
North Branch
Oliva Lake
Ondris Pond
Oro Lake
Pasqua Lake
Pearson Reef
Pen 5 Pond
Peterson Slough
Pickerel Lake
Pine Lake
Pogonia Bog Pond
Porcupine Mountain
Portage Lake
Qually Pond
Rattle Lake
Red Deer Lake
Red Lake Peatland
Redberry Lake
Redwood Falls
Reichow Pond
Reidel Lake
Rholl Lake
Rhona Lake
Rice Lake
Rice Lake (MN)
Rice Lake (ND)
Riding Mountain (E Lake)
Riding Mountain (F Lake)
Riding Mountain (R Lake)
Roslyn Lake
Rossburg Bog
Round Lake
Rutz Lake
Salt Lake
Sandy Bar, Hecla
Sedvy Lake
Seminary Site
Sewell Lake
Shingobee Lake
Smallboy Lake
Solum Lake
South Pond
Spiritwood Lake
St Boniface
St Catherine Lake
St Clair Lake
St Laurent Ferry Fen
St Paul
Steel Lake
Stevens Pond
Stone Lake Tamarack Swamp
Sunfish Lake
Tanager Lake
Tappen (Wolt)
Terhell Pond
Thompson Pond
Toboggan Lake
Trollwood Park
Twelve Mile Coulee
Upper Graven Lake
Val Marie
Wabamun Lake
Wakaw Lake
Waldsea Lake
Washow Bay
Webb Dugout
Wentzel's Pond
West Aitkin
West Hawk Lake
White Water Lake
Whitebear Lake
Whitemouth Lake
Williams Lake
Willow Bunch Lake
Willow Point Lagoon
Wizard Lake
Wolf Creek
Wolsfeld Lake
Woodworth Pond


Alpen Siding
Altrude Lake
Amisk Lake
Antifreeze Pond
BC Border (Hansen 1)
Bakken Pond
Baptiste Lake
Battle Ground Lake
Beaver Lake
Beaver Mines Lake
Big Lake
Boone Lake
Bow Lake
Buck Lake
Buckbean Fen
Buffalo Narrows
Buggy Pond
Bushfield East (FhNa-13)
Bushfield West (FhNa-10)
Callum Bog
Carp Lake
Cartwright Lake
Celestine Lake
Chapman Lake
Christina Lake
Cinquefoil/Dwindling Ponds
Clayoquot Valley
Clearwater Bog
Cobb Lake
Cooley Lake
Copper Lake
Cottonwood Slough
Crawford Lake
Crevice Lake
Crowfoot Lake
Crown Site (FhNa-86)
Crowsnest Lake
Cycloid Lake
Dark Lake
Deer Lake
Devils Lake (WI)
Dog Lake
Duffield (Hansen 19)
Eagle Lake (BC)
East Hunter Creek
Edson (Hansen 22)
Eikland Pond
Elk Island
Elk Valley (Bog A)
Ennadai Lake
Entwhistle (Hansen 20)
Europe Lake
Excelsior Basin
Fairfax Lake
Fargher Lake
Fariya Lake
Fauquier Site
Ferry Lake
Fiddlers Pond
Finney Lake
Fish Lake (MN)
Fish Lake (MT)
Flamingo Lake
Fletcher (DjOw-1)
Flin Flon
Foy Lake
Frederick Lake
Frozen Lake
Gannet Lake
Garden City
George Reserve
Gerry Lake
Gill Lake
Goat Lake
Goldeye Lake
Goldeye Lake Fen
Grant Lake
Gregg Lake
Grizzly Pond
Haas Lake
Hail Lake
Hanging Lake
Hector Lake
Hedrick Lake
Herbert Lake
High Prairie (Hansen 7)
Hilltop Lake
Hobbes Lake
January Cave
Jiggle Lake
John Klondike Bog
Johnson Lake
Kearl Lake
Kellners Lake
Kelowna Bog
Kettlehole Pond
Keyhole Pond
Kimble Pond
Kingfisher Pond
Klap Lake
Kluachon Lake
Kootenay Pond
Kylen Lake
La Ronge Bog
Lac Ciel Blanc
Lac Demain
Lac Meleze
Laguna Quexil
Lake A (Wilson)
Lake Louise (Alta)
Lake O'Hara
Lake Patzcuaro
Lilypad Pond
Linnet Lake
Linsley Pond
Little Lake
Lofty Lake
Lone Fox Lake
Long Lake (NWT)
Long Lake (Sask)
Lorraine Lake
Lost Lake (Alberta)
Loverin Lake
Lower Burstall Lake
Lower Mann Lake
Lynn Lake
Mahoney Lake
Maligne Lake Kettle
Maligne Pass
Marguerite Lake Peatland
Mariana Lakes
Mariana Lakes Peatland
Marion Lake (Man)
Marjorie Lake
Marl Pond
Martins Lake
Mary Gregg Lake
Mary Lake
McKay (Hansen 21)
McMaster Lake
Mina Lake
Mirror Lake
Mitchell Lake
Moab Lake
Moat Lake
Moore Lake
Moose Lake (Alberta)
Moose Lake (WA)
Moraine Lake Road
Mount Barr Cirque Lake
Mug House Pueblo
Muriel Lake
Muskiki Lake Peatland
Muskrat Bog
Narrow Lake
Natla Bog
Near Jasper
New Ulm
Nichol Lake
Ninisith Lake
Nordegg Pond
Nose Lake
O'beirne 2 Lake
Opabin Lake
Otasan Lake
Panther Potholes
Pierre Lake
Pilot Lake
Pothole Lake
Pyramid Lake
Qalluuraq Lake
Queen's Lake
Quirke Lake
Ra Lake
Rainbow Lake A
Reeky [sic] Lake
Reindeer Lake
Riding Mountain
Rock Lake
Rockslide Lake
Royal Basin
Rugged Lake
Saskatchewan [sic] Lake (Hansen 2)
Seal Lake, AK
Shagawa Lake
Sharkey Lake
Sibbald Lake
Sibbald Pass (Bog)
Slave Lake (Hansen 8)
Slow River
Smith (Hansen 10)
Smith (Hansen 11)
Smith (Hansen 9)
Smoky River (Hansen 3)
Smoky River (Hansen 4)
Snowshoe Lake
South Lake
Spring Lake
St James
Strubel Lake
Sturgeon Lake (Hansen 5)
Sulphur Lake
Summit Lake
Sunwapta Falls
Sunwapta Pass SP-1
Sunwapta Pass SP-10
Sunwapta Pass SP-11
Sunwapta Pass SP-15
Sunwapta Pass SP-20
Sunwapta Pass SP-9
Susie Lake
Sutton Ridge (R Lake)
Swan Lake
Sweet Little Lake
Tawatinaw (Hansen 18)
Taylor Lake
Thunstrom Lake
Tonquin Pass
Toronto Lake
Triangle (Hansen 6)
Tumbling Creek Cave
Twin Tamarack Lake
Two Frog Lake
Two Horseman Pond
Umanangula Lake, AK
Unnamed Lake
Upper Kananaskis Lake
Upper Mann Lake
Upper Pinto Fen
Wally's Beach Site (DhPg-8)
Wanipigow Lake (EgKx-1)
Warner Lake
Watchtower Basin
Waterdevil Pond
Waterloo Lake
Waterton Lake
Wedge Lake
West Naniskak Lake
Wilcox Pass
Wild Spear Lake
Wildcat Lake
Willow River Pond
Wood Bog (GgQq-7)
Yamnuska Bog
Yesterday Lake

The call numbers are for the library system at the University of Alberta. When available, the DOI (digital object identifier) has also been included. The remarks in green are my comments. Decimal latitude and longitude values are given. Locations are only approximate.

Total number of sites: 547.
Number of citations: 589.
Latest changes/additions to the list: September 05, 2012.

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