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Tappen (Wolt)

Location: North Dakota, USA Latitude (N): 45.00° Longitude (W): 99.58°
Site notes:
Moir, D. R. 1957
An Occurrence of Buried Coniferous Wood in the Altamount Moraine of North Dakota. Proceedings of the North Dakota Academy of Science XI.
Site discussed: Tappen (Wolt).

Moir, D. R. 1958
Occurrence and Radiocarbon Date on Coniferous Wood in Kidder County, North Dakota. North Dakota Geological Survey Miscellaneous Series 10:108- 114. Guidebook 9th Annual Field Conference, Mid-western Friends of the Pleistocene, vol. 10.
Site discussed: Tappen (Wolt).

Yansa, C. H. 2006
The Timing and Nature of Late Quaternary Vegetation Changes in the Northern Great Plains, USA and Canada: A Re-assessment of the Spruce Phase. Quaternary Science Reviews 25:263-281.
Sites discussed: Rosebud, Strouckel, Cottonwood Lake (SD), Medicine Lake (SD), Coldwater Lake (ND), Wendel, Tappen, Moon Lake (ND), Johns Lake, Rice Lake (ND), Kettle Lake, Scrimbit, Andrews, Hafichuk, Neufeld, Herbert, Kyle, Clearwater Lake (Sask), Beechy, Dinsmore, Riding Mountain (Lake E). Six sites form the main focus of the paper: Wendel, Coldwater Lake, Andrews, Kyle, Beechy, and Neufeld.

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