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Moose Lake (Alberta)

Location: Alberta, Canada Latitude (N): 52.93° Longitude (W): 118.83°
Site notes: In Jasper National Park
Field, W. O., and C. J. Heusser 1954
Glacier and Botanical Studies in the Canadian Rockies, 1953. Canadian Alpine Journal 37:128-140.
BARD FC 216 C22 Sites discussed: Moose Lake, Near Jasper, Sunwapta Falls, Moraine Lake Road. Paper contains no details of the analytical work, but is mainly a report of the field season. However, it does provide the sampling rationale and set the sites into the context of the overall project.

Heusser, C. J. 1956
Postglacial Environments in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Ecological Monographs 26:263-302.
AEU SCI QH 540 E28 Sites discussed: Moraine Lake Road, Sunwapta Falls, Moose Lake, Near Jasper.

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