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Spiritwood Lake

Location: North Dakota, USA Latitude (N): 47.07° Longitude (W): 98.59°
Site notes: Pollen record is available from this site in NAPD, though no associated publications are available. NAPD credits this to "McAndrews, unpublished".
Ashworth, A. 1999
Climate Change in North Dakota Since the Last Glaciation: Review of the Paleontological Record. North Dakota Academy of Science 53:171-176.
Sites discussed: Spiritwood Lake, Moon Lake. Reviews several pollen records from across North Dakota (including Moon Lake). Mentions bison remains found in Spiritwood Lake basin by divers. Based on horn core dimensions, Ashworth suggests that these may be from an extinct form (Bison bison occidentalis) and hence may be associated with a mid-Holocene lower lake level (but no radiocarbon dates reported). On-line version of paper is available at 40/ndas.html .

Grimm, E. C. 2001
Trends and palaeoecological problems in the vegetation and climate history of the northern Great Plains, USA. Biology and Environment: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy of Sciences 101B(1-2):47-64.
Sites discussed: Kettle Lake, Rice Lake, Spiritwood, Moon Lake, Pickerel Lake, Medicine Lake, Rosebud, Devils Lake.

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