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Narrow Lake

Location: Alberta, Canada Latitude (N): 54.62° Longitude (W): 113.60°
Site notes:
Bradford, M. E., E. E. Prepas, and J. M. Hanson 1990
Narrow Lake. In Atlas of Alberta Lakes, edited by P. Mitchell and E. Prepas, pp. 197-202. University of Alberta Press, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
AEU SCI GB 1630 A3 A8813 Information on current limnological conditions. Includes a bathymetric map.

Harper, N. S., and L. D. Delorme 1989
Palynology of Narrow Lake, Alberta (Core 114). Unpublished Technical Note LRB-89-20. National Water Research Institute, Burlington, Ontario, Canada.
Short core, only deals with upper part of sediment column. Provides a modern pollen spectrum. Report contains a map showing location of several other sampled sites for which no additional data are available.

Shaw, R. D., J. F. H. Shaw, H. Fricker, and E. E. Prepas 1990
An Integrated Approach to Quantify Groundwater Transport of Phosphorus to Narrow Lake, Alberta. Limnology and Oceanography 35(4):870-886.
AEU SCI GC 1 L73 Site discussed: Narrow Lake.

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