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Redberry Lake

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada Latitude (N): 52.70° Longitude (W): 107.20°
Site notes:
van der Kamp, G., D. Keir, and M. S. Evans 2008
Long-term water level changes in closed-basin lakes of the Canadian prairies. Canadian Water Resources Journal 33(1):23-38.
Sites discussed: Little Fish Lake, Lower Mann Lake, Upper Mann Lake, Muriel Lake, Manito Lake, Redberry Lake, Little Manitou Lake, Lenore Lake, Waldea Lake, Big Quill Lake, Little Quill Lake, Fishing Lake, Kenosee Lake, Whitebear Lake, Oro Lake, White Water Lake, Devils Lake (ND). Looks at instrumental records of lake level changes and data from examination of air photos. Only a few lakes have records that extend to the early twentieth century; most data is for the last half of the twentieth century. Most lakes show a generally falling trend. Interestingly, Devils Lake stands out as being markedly different with a generally rising trend since the 1940s. (21/05/2012).

Van Stempvoort, D. R., T. W. D. Edwards, M. S. Evans, and W. M. Last 1993
Paleohydrology and Paleoclimate Records in a Saline Prairie Lake Core: Mineral, Isotope and Organic Indicators. Journal of Paleolimnology 8:135-147.
AEU SCI QE 39.5 P3 J86 Deals with Redberry Lake in west-central Saskatchewan.

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