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Shingobee Lake

Location: Minnesota, USA Latitude (N): 47.00° Longitude (W): 94.69°
Site notes:
Schwalb, A., S. M. Locke, A. J. Smith, and W. E. Dean 1994
Ostracode and Stable Iotope Evidence of Holocene Environmental Changes in Minnesota Lake Sediments. In American Quaternary Association (AMQUA) Program and Abstracts of the Thirteenth Biennial Meeting. p. 155. June 19- 22, 1994, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.
Sites discussed: Williams Lake, Shingobee Lake. Four pollen zones identified for Holocene. Ostracode record matches these zones. Assemblage changes reflect changes in lake hydrology, especially water depth and salinity. (16/12/2007).

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