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Mallard Lake

Location: Manitoba, Canada Latitude (N): 51.29° Longitude (W): 101.32°
Site notes:
Teed, R., P. Camill, C. E. Umbanhowar Jr, C. Geiss, B. Murphy, and J. Dorr 2004
Multi-proxy Lake Sediment Records at the Northern and Southern Boundaries of the Aspen Parkland Region of Manitoba, Canada. In American Quaternary Association (AMQUA) Program and Abstracts of the Eighteenth Biennial Meeting, pp. pp. 174-175. Quaternary Grassland-Forest Dynamics. June 26-28, 2004, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas.
Sites discussed: Jones Lake, Mallard Lake. Looked at pollen, charcoal, biogenic silica, total P, LOI, and concentration of magnetic minerals in sediments. Lake records span most of Holocene. Records suggest drier conditions in early Holocene (about 10,000 to 9,000 yr BP), and a moistening trend around 4000 yr BP. Does not mention aspen. (19/12/2007).

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