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Kimble Pond

Location: Minnesota, USA Latitude (N): 44.22° Longitude (W): 93.84°
Site notes:
Camill, P., C. E. Umbanhowar Jr, R. Teed, C. E. Geiss, J. Aldinger, L. Dvorak, J. Kenning, J. Limmer, and K. Walkup 2003
Late-glacial and Holocene Climatic Effects on Fire and Vegetation Dynamics at the Prairie-Forest Ecotone in South-Central Minnesota. Journal of Ecology 91:822-836.
AEU SCI QH 540 J86 Sites discussed: Sharkey Lake, Kimble Pond. Looked at sediment magnetic properties, LOI, biogenic silica, pollen analysis, and charcoal analysis. Records extend to about 12,500 yr BP.

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