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Rutz Lake

Location: Minnesota, USA Latitude (N): 44.87° Longitude (W): 93.87°
Site notes:
Grimm, E. C. 1983
Chronology and Dynamics of Vegetation Change in the Prairie- Woodland Region of Southern Minnesota, U.S.A. The New Phytologist 93:311-350.
AEU SCI QK 1 N53 Sites discussed: Pogonia Bog Pond, Wolsfeld Lake, Stone Lake Tamarack Swamp, Rutz Lake, Lake Carlson, Kirchner Marsh, French Lake.

Waddington, J. C. B. 1969
A Stratigraphic Record of the Pollen Influx to a Lake in the Big Woods of Minnesota. In United States Contributions to Quaternary Research, edited by S. A. Schumm and W. C. Bradley, pp. 263-282. Special Paper 123. Geological Society of America, Boulder Colorado, USA.
Site discussed: Rutz Lake.

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