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Eikland Pond

Location: Yukon Territory, Canada Latitude (N): 62.32° Longitude (W): 140.83°
Site notes: On the west side of the Alaska Highway.
Vermaire, J. C., and L. C. Cwynar 2010
A revised late-Quaternary vegetation history of the unglaciated southwestern Yukon Territory, Canada, from Antifreeze and Eikland ponds. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 47:75-88.
AEU SCI QE 1 C212 DOI: 10.1139/E09-075 Sites discussed: Antifreeze Pond, Eikland Pond. Much of the discussion focusses on the chronology, and the paper includes many radiocarbon dates. Pollen and macrofossil records are discussed. (19/05/2012).

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