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Deadmoose Lake

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada Latitude (N): 52.30° Longitude (W): 105.16°
Site notes:
Last, W. M. 1994
Deep-water Evaporite Mineral Formation in Lakes of Western Canada. In Sedimentology and Geochemistry of Modern and Ancient Saline Lakes, edited by R. Renaut and W. M. Last, pp. 52-59. SEPM Special Publication No. 50.
Sites discussed: Little Manitou Lake, Freefight Lake, Deadmoose Lake.

Last, W. M., and R. E. Vance 1997
Bedding Characteristics of Holocene Sediments from Salt Lakes of the Northern Great Plains, Western Canada. Journal of Paleolimnology 17:297-318.
AEU SCI QE 39.5 P3 J86 Sites discussed: Chappice Lake, Waldsea Lake, Deadmoose Lake, Little Manitou Lake, Freefight Lake, Lake Manitoba.

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