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Location: Minnesota, USA Latitude (N): 44.08° Longitude (W): 94.42°
Site notes:
Jelgersma, S. 1962
A Late-glacial Pollen Diagram from Madelia, South-Central Minnesota. American Journal of Science 260:522-529.
AEU SCI QE 1 A53 Site discussed: Madelia.

Winter, T. C. 1962
Pollen Sequence at Kirchner Marsh, Minnesota. Science 128:526-528.
Sites discussed: Kirchner Marsh, Madelia. Presents pollen diagrams from Kirchner Marsh and, for comparison, from Madelia (redrawn from Jelgersma 1962). Kirchner Marsh record shows a marked spruce pollen maximum prior to a level dated at 10,225 yr BP. Marked reduction in oak pollen and increase in grass and forb pollen between about 7200 - 5000 yr BP. Mentions that the Kirchner Marsh pollen record is similar to that from Lake Carlson. Both sites are in the St Croix moraine.

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