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Waterton Lake

Location: Alberta, Canada Latitude (N): 49.05° Longitude (W): 113.90°
Site notes: In Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. Park spans the international border, southwest Alberta and northwest Montana. Lake is in east slopes of the Rockies and consists of a system of three lakes. Upper Waterton Lake (the largest basin) is separated from Middle Waterton Lake by a rock barrier and narrows (the Bosphorus). Lower Waterton Lake, the smallest, is about 1.5 km downstream on the Waterton River.
Eyles, N., J. I. Boyce, J. D. Halfman, and B. Koseoglu 2000
Seismic Stratigraphy of Waterton Lake, a Sediment-Starved Glaciated Basin in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada and Montana, USA. Sedimentary Geology 130:283-311.
AEU SCI Q 581 S44 Site discussed: Upper Waterton Lake, Middle Waterton Lake.

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