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Rice Lake (ND)

Location: North Dakota, USA Latitude (N): 48.01° Longitude (W): 101.53°
Site notes: No published pollen record available. NAPD credits this as "Grimm, unpublished".
Grimm, E. C. 2001
Trends and palaeoecological problems in the vegetation and climate history of the northern Great Plains, USA. Biology and Environment: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy of Sciences 101B(1-2):47-64.
Sites discussed: Kettle Lake, Rice Lake, Spiritwood, Moon Lake, Pickerel Lake, Medicine Lake, Rosebud, Devils Lake.

Yu, Z., and E. Ito 1999
Possible Forcing of Century-scale Drought Frequency in the Northern Great Plains. Geology 27(3):263-266.
AEU SCI QE 1 G3455 Site discussed: Rice Lake (North Dakota).

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