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Fargher Lake

Location: Washington, USA Latitude (N): 45.90° Longitude (W): 122.51°
Site notes: Lake has been drained and area is now farmland.
Grigg, L. D., and C. Whitlock 2002
Patterns and Possible Causes of Millennial-Scale Climate Change in Western North America. In American Quaternary Association (AMQUA) Program and Abstracts of the Seventeenth Biennial Meeting. pp. 48-50. Environmental Change and Human Migrations in the North Pacific Basin. August 8-11, 2002, University of Alaska Anchorage, Alaska.
Sites discussed: Carp Lake, Fargher Lake, Little Lake. Reviews data from these sites that have a bearing on climate changes in MIS3 (60,000 - 27,000 cal yr BP) and MIS2 (27,000 - 14,100 cal yr BP). Records show a series of changes on the scale of 1000 to 3000 yrs in MIS3. Pollen assemblage changes suggest these may be reflective of winter temperature changes. Suggest that these may be related to shifts in the strength of the Aleutian Low in the north Pacific. In MIS2, pollen assemblage changes suggest alteration between wetter and dryer conditions, again at 1000 to 3000 yr scale, but with more variability than in MIS3. Notes similarity in timing of events from Pacific Northwest with those from North Atlantic, perhaps driven by change in height of Laurentide Ice Sheet and its effect on air mass circulation patterns. (19/12/2007).

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