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Fletcher (DjOw-1)

Location: Alberta, Canada Latitude (N): Longitude (W):
Site notes: South of Taber, Alberta, and north of Chin Coulee. Archaeological site. Borden number: DjOw-1

Beaudoin, A. B. 1992
Early Holocene Palaeoenvironmental Data Preserved in "Non- Traditional" Sites. The 2nd Palliser Triangle Global Change Conference, Regina, Saskatchewan, Program with Abstracts .
Sites discussed: Fletcher (DjOw-1), Jenner Dugout, Webb Dugout, Kirriemuir Dugout.

Beaudoin, A. B. 1996
An Early Holocene Macrofossil Record from the Fletcher Site (DjOw-1) in Southern Alberta. C.A.G. (Canadian Association of Geographers) Annual Meeting, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 11-16 May, Program and Abstracts .
Site discussed: Fletcher (DjOw- 1).

Beaudoin, A. B. 1998
Macroremains from the Fletcher Site (DjOw-1), southern Alberta, and implications for early postglacial landscapes on the Canadian plains. In CAA (Canadian Archaeological Association) 31st Annual Conference, May 6-10 1998, Victoria, British Columbia. Final Programme and Registration Package. Invited presentation in Beyond the Concept of Cultural Areas: Paleoindian Adaptations on the Edges of the Great Plains and Adjacent Areas, A Cross- Continental Perspective, pp. 37.
Site discussed: Fletcher (DjOw- 1).

Beaudoin, A. B. 2000
Stop 4: The Fletcher Site (DjOw-1). In Late Quaternary History and Geoarchaeology of Southeastern Alberta and Southwestern Saskatchewan, edited by A. B. Beaudoin and D. S. Lemmen, pp. 21-23. Field Trip Guidebook No. 3. GeoCanada 2000, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Site discussed: Fletcher (DjOw- 1).

Beaudoin, A. B. 2005
What the Fletcher Site (DjOw-1) Can Tell Us About the Context for Paleoindian Occupation on the Northern Great Plains. In 63rd Annual Plains Anthropological Conference, Edmonton, Alberta, October 19 - 23 2005. Programme and Abstracts, pp. 24- 25.
Site discussed: Fletcher Site (DjOw-1). Summarizes macrofossil record from Cody-complex levels.

Beaudoin, A. B. 2008
Seeds and Shells from Soft Sediment: Macrofossil Analysis at Some Late Quaternary Sites in Alberta. In Alberta Palaeontological Society, Twelfth Annual Symposium, Abstracts Volume, pp. 9-12. Mount Royal College, Calgary, Alberta.
Site discussed: Fletcher (DjOw-1), Jenner, Webb Dugout, Wood Bog. Extended abstract. Review of techniques and some results. (16/03/2008).

Beaudoin, A. B. 2011
Twenty-five Years in a Two-by-Two: Archaeology and Palaeocology at the Fletcher Site (DjOw-1) in Southern Alberta. In Archaeological Society of Alberta 2011 Conference and Annual General Meeting, Edmonton, May 13 to 15 2011, Program and Abstracts.
Site discussed: Fletcher (DjOw-1). Poster presentation. (09/04/2012).

Forbis, R. G. 1968
Fletcher: A Paleo-Indian Site in Alberta. American Antiquity 33(1):1-10.
AEU HSS CC 1 A6 Site discussed: Fletcher (DjOw-1).

Jass, C. N., and J. D. Gardner 2012
Quaternary Amphibians and Reptiles from Southwest Canada. In Alberta Palaeontological Society, Sixteenth Annual Symposium, Abstracts, pp. 20. Mount Royal College, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Sites discussed: Fletcher (DjOw-1), Stampede (DjOn-26), and several others. Poster presentation. (09/04/2012).

MacWilliams, A. C. 1986
Stratigraphy of the Fletcher Site (DjOw-1), Southern Alberta. Unpublished Honours thesis. Department of Archaeology, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada vii + 130 pp.
Site discussed: Fletcher Site (DjOw- 1).

Quigg, J. M. 1976
A Note on the Fletcher Site. In Archaeology in Alberta, 1975, edited by J. M. Quigg and W. J. Byrne, pp. 108-110. Archaeological Survey of Alberta Occasional Paper No. 1. Alberta Culture, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Site discussed: Fletcher Site (DjOw- 1).

Steinhauser, R. A. 1991
Recovery of Fine Fractions: The Fletcher Site (DjOw-1). In Archaeology in Alberta 1988 and 1989, edited by M. Magne, pp. 135-144. Occasional Paper No. 33. Archaeological Survey, Provincial Museum of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Site discussed: Fletcher Site (DjOw- 1).

Vickers, J. R. 1997
Sneak Preview: The Fletcher Site Diorama. Alberta Archaeological Review Number 26:9-15.
Site discussed: Fletcher Site (DjOw- 1).

Vickers, J. R., and A. B. Beaudoin 1989
A Limiting AMS Date for the Cody Complex Occupation at the Fletcher Site, Alberta. Plains Anthropologist 34(125):261-264.
AEU HSS E 51 P69 Site discussed: Fletcher Site (DjOw-1).

Wilson, M. C., and A. C. MacWilliams 1987
Preliminary Geoarchaeological Studies at the Fletcher Paleo- Indian Bison Kill Site (Alberta/Scottsbluff), Southern Alberta. Alberta Archaeological Review Number 14:12-15.
Site discussed: Fletcher (DjOw-1). Reports information derived from sediment samples collected around the dugout section, esker, and dune. Notes recovery of teeth from Bison. Considers that wear patterns on four molars suggest fall kill.

Wilson, M. C., J. R. Vickers, A. C. MacWilliams, A. B. Beaudoin, and I. G. Robertson 1991
New Studies at the Fletcher Paleo-Indian Bison Kill (Alberta/Scottsbluff), Southern Alberta. In Archaeology in Alberta, 1988 and 1989, edited by M. Magne, pp. 127-133. Archaeological Survey, Provincial Museum of Alberta, Occasional Paper No. 33. Alberta Culture and Multiculturalism, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Site discussed: Fletcher (DjOw- 1).

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