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Ingebrigt Lake

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada Latitude (N): 50.37° Longitude (W): 109.33°
Site notes:
Last, W. M., and Y. Shang 1996
Stop 26: Ingebright Lake. In Landscapes of the Palliser Triangle, edited by D. S. Lemmen, pp. 88-69. Guidebook for the Canadian Geomorphology Research Group Field Trip, Canadian Association of Geographers 1996 Annual Meeting, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Site discussed: Ingebrigt Lake.

Shang, Y., and W. M. Last 1999
Mineralogy, Lithostratigraphy and Inferred Geochemical History of North Ingebrigt Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada. In Holocene Climate and Environmental Change in the Palliser Triangle: A Geoscientific Context for Evaluating the Impacts of Climate Change in the Southern Canadian Prairies, edited by D. S. Lemmen and R. E. Vance, pp. 95-110. Geological Survey of Canada Bulletin 534. Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Site discussed: Ingebrigt Lake.

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