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Rockslide Lake

Location: British Columbia, Canada Latitude (N): 49.55° Longitude (W): 117.52°
Site notes:
Foit Jr, F. F., D. G. Gavin, and F. S. Hu 2004
The Tephra Stratigraphy of Two Lakes in South-central British Columbia, Canada and Its Implications for Mid-late Holocene Volcanic Activity at Glacier Peak and Mount St. Helens, Washington, USA. Canadian Journal of Earth Science 41:1401-1410.
AEU SCI QE 1 C212 Sites discussed: Cooley Lake, Rockslide Lake. Focusses on tephra record in sediment cores.

Gavin, D. G., F. S. Hu, K. Lertzman, and P. Corbett 2006
Weak Climatic Control of Stand-scale Fire History During the Late Holocene. Ecology 87(7):1722-1732.
AEU SCI QH 540 E19 Sites discussed: Cooley Lake, Rockslide Lake. Examined charcoal accumulation rates in cores from the two lakes as a proxy indicator of fire history.

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