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Beauvais Lake

Location: Alberta, Canada Latitude (N): 49.42° Longitude (W): 114.10°
Site notes:
Crosby, J. M. 1990
Beauvais Lake. In Atlas of Alberta Lakes, edited by P. Mitchell and E. Prepas, pp. 589-593. University of Alberta Press, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
AEU SCI GB 1630 A3 A8813 Information on current limnological conditions. Includes a bathymetric map.

Powers, J. S. 1994
Late Quaternary Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction of the Beauvais Lake Area, Alberta. Unpublished Masters thesis. Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 162 pages.
Site discussed: Beauvais Lake. Site is southwest of the town of Pincher Creek. The record is based on pollen from a core. Lowermost radiocarbon date in core is around 9500 yr BP.

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