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Lake Winnipeg - North Basin

Location: Manitoba, Canada Latitude (N): 52.67° Longitude (W): 98.00°
Site notes: There are several limnological and palaeoecological studies in Lake Winnipeg's North Basin, with cores taken at slightly different locations. For simplicity, only one location is given here.
Lewis, C. F. M., D. L. Forbes, B. J. Todd, and E. Nielsen (L. H. Thorleifson, P. J. Henderson, I. McMartin, T. W. Anderson, R. N. Betcher, W. M. Buhay. S. M. Burbidge, C. J. Schröder-Adams, J. W. King, K. Moran, C. Gobson, C. A. Jarrett, H. J. Kling, W. L. Lockhart, W. M. Last, G. L. D. Matile, J. Risberg, C. G. Rodrigues, A. M. Telka, and R. E. Vance) 2001
Uplift-driven expansion delayed by middle Holocene desiccation in Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Geology 29(8):743-746.
Sites discussed: Lake Winnipeg - South Basin, Lake Winnipeg - North Basin. A short synthesis paper that pulls together a lot of information from many different studies. Presents an explanation for dry conditions between 7,500 and 4,000 yr BP shown in sediments from Lake Winnipeg. (19/05/2012).

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