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Lake Winnipeg - South Basin

Location: Manitoba, Canada Latitude (N): 50.55° Longitude (W): 96.78°
Site notes: There are several limnological and palaeoecological studies in Lake Winnipeg's South Basin, with cores taken at slightly different locations. For simplicity, only one location is given here.
Lewis, C. F. M., D. L. Forbes, B. J. Todd, and E. Nielsen (L. H. Thorleifson, P. J. Henderson, I. McMartin, T. W. Anderson, R. N. Betcher, W. M. Buhay. S. M. Burbidge, C. J. Schröder-Adams, J. W. King, K. Moran, C. Gobson, C. A. Jarrett, H. J. Kling, W. L. Lockhart, W. M. Last, G. L. D. Matile, J. Risberg, C. G. Rodrigues, A. M. Telka, and R. E. Vance) 2001
Uplift-driven expansion delayed by middle Holocene desiccation in Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Geology 29(8):743-746.
Sites discussed: Lake Winnipeg - South Basin, Lake Winnipeg - North Basin. A short synthesis paper that pulls together a lot of information from many different studies. Presents an explanation for dry conditions between 7,500 and 4,000 yr BP shown in sediments from Lake Winnipeg. (19/05/2012).

Mayer, T., S. L. Simpson, L. H. Thorleifson, W. L. Lockhart, and P. Wilkinson 2006
Phosphorus Geochemistry of Recent Sediments in the South Basin of Lake Winnipeg. Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management 9(3):307-318.
DOI: 10.1080/14634980600876039 Site discussed: Lake Winnipeg - South Basin. Multi-core study using short cores that extend to the late nineteenth century AD, and longer cores that extend to about 900 yr BP (thirteenth century AD). Phosophorus increases upcore are attributed to anthropogenic activities in the watershed. Most of the discussion focusses on the upper parts of the cores, dealing mostly with the twentieth century record. (04/04/2009).

Morlan, R. E., R. McNeely, and E. Neilson 2000
Manitoba Radiocarbon Dates. Open File Report OF2000-1. Manitoba Industry, Trade and Mines, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 73 pp.
Includes information for radiocarbon dates throughout Manitoba. With respect to The Lake File, it includes information for the following sites: Max Lake, Killarney Lake, Rossendale, and sites in Lakes Winnipeg and Manitoba.

St George, S., T. W. Anderson, D. Forbes, C. F. M. Lewis, E. Nielsen, and L. H. Thorleifson 2001
Climatic Extremes in Souther Manitoba During the Past Millennium. Final Report, Climate Change Action Fund, Environment Canada. Manitoba Geological Survey, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 64 pages.
Comprises three main chapters. The first two concentrate on tree ring records. The last section reports on cores from the south basin of Lake Winnipeg, including sediment characterization and pollen analysis. (19/May/2012).

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