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Marl Pond

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada Latitude (N): 55.05° Longitude (W): 105.43°
Site notes:
Morlan, R. E., R. McNeely, S. A. Wolfe, and B. T. Schreiner 2001
Quaternary Dates and Vertebrate Faunas in Saskatchewan. Geological Survey of Canada Open File 3888. Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 139 pp.
Includes information on radiocarbon dates from sites throughout Saskatchewan, including archaeological sites. With respect to The Lake File, it includes information for the following sites: Bushfield West (p. 52), Bushfield East (p. 53), Crown Site (pp. 54-55), Horseman (p. 77), Earl Grey (p. 80), Marl Pond (p. 82), Cycloid Lake (p. 82), Lake A (p.82), Scrimbit (pp. 95-96), Clearwater (pp. 96-97), Andrews (pp. 99-100), Kyle (pp. 100-101), Beechy (p. 101), Martens Slough (p. 103), and La Ronge Bog (p. 117).

Wilson, M. A. 1984
Postglacial Climatic and Vegetation History of the La Ronge Area, Northern Saskatchewan. SRC Publication No. R-743-2-E-84. Saskatchewan Research Council, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada 90 pp.
Sites discussed: Marl Pond, West Naniskak Lake, Lake A (Wilson).

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