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Antelope Lake

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada Latitude (N): 50.28° Longitude (W): 108.33°
Site notes:
Last, W. M., and R. E. Vance 1996
Stop 12: Antelope Lake. In Landscapes of the Palliser Triangle, edited by D. S. Lemmen, pp. 42-43. Guidebook for the Canadian Geomorphology Research Group Field Trip, Canadian Association of Geographers 1996 Annual Meeting, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Site discussed: Antelope Lake.

Leavitt, P. R., and R. D. Vinebrook 1996
Effects of Human Activity and Recent Climatic Variability on Lakes in the Palliser Triangle. Canadian Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, Program and Abstracts Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, May 11-16 1996.
Sites discussed: Antelope Lake, Kenosee Lake.

Lemmen, D. S., R. E. Vance, S. A. Wolfe, and W. M. Last 1997
Impacts of Future Climate Change on the Southern Canadian Prairies: A Paleoenvironmental Perspective. Geoscience Canada 24(3):121-133.
Sites discussed: Chappice Lake, Elkwater Lake, Harris Lake, Antelope Lake, Clearwater Lake, Oro Lake, Kenosee Lake, Max Lake, Killarney Lake. Brief review of the work carried out at the nine lake sites that were the focus of the Palliser Triangle project.

Vance, R. E., and W. M. Last 1994
Paleolimnology and Global Change on the Canadian Prairies. Current Research 1994-B:49-58. Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Sites discussed: Killarney Lake, Harris Lake, Kenosee Lake, Chappice Lake, Antelope Lake, Clearwater Lake, Little Fish Lake, Elkwater Lake, Max Lake.

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