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Seminary Site

Location: North Dakota, USA Latitude (N): 46.92° Longitude (W): 96.76°
Site notes:
Ashworth, A. C., and A. M. Cvancara 1983
Paleoecology of the Southern Part of the Lake Agassiz Basin. In Glacial Lake Agassiz, edited by J. T. Teller and L. Clayton. Geological Association of Canada Special Paper 26. Geological Association of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Sites discussed: Bog D Pond, Terhell Pond, Moorhead, Red Lake Peatland, Lake Bronson, Pickerel lake, Mirror Pool, Seminary Site, Thompson Pond, Martin Pond.

Kompelien, M. G., and D. P. Schwert 1986
Paleoenvironmental Implications of Insect Remains from the Seminary Site, Cass County, North Dakota. Proceedings of the North Dakota Academy of Science 40:131.
Site discussed: Seminary Site. Beetle remains not in good condition, fragmented. Most identifiable remains are from taxa associated with aquatic or marsh habitats. Agrees with site's interpretation by McAndrews (1967).

McAndrews, J. H. 1967
Paleoecology of the Seminary and Mirror Pool Peat Deposits. In Life, Land, and Water, edited by W. J. Mayer-Oakes. University of Manitoba Press, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
AEU SCI QE 576 C74 Sites discussed: Seminary Site, Mirror Pool. At the Seminary Site, near Fargo, North Dakota, there is an organic deposit. Wood (spruce and larch) from deposit radiocarbon dates around 9900 yr BP. Material accumulated during Moorhead Phase of Glacial Lake Agassiz.

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