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Nora Lake

Location: Manitoba, Canada Latitude (N): 50.47° Longitude (W): 99.93°
Site notes:
Laird, K. R., B. F. Cumming, S. Wunsam, J. A. Rusak, R. J. Oglesby, S. C. Fritz, and P. R. Leavitt 2003
Lake sediments record large-scale shifts in moisture regimes across the northern prairies of North America during the past two millennia. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) 100(5):2483-2488.
Sites discussed: Chauvin Lake, Nora Lake, Coldwater Lake, Moon Lake, Elk Lake (Clearwater County Study based on analysis of diatom records.

Leavitt, P., G. Chen, J. Rusak, S. Wunsam, and B. Cumming nd
Drought and Flood Risk in Western Manitoba. Unpublished manuscript, pp. 27 pp Available from ght/update00/nora1.pdf Copy downloaded 23/12/2001.
A site (Nora Lake) being investigated as part of a project entitled "Sustainable Agriculture in Western Canada: Planning for Droughts Using the Past," see t .

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