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Kouert Lake

Location: Minnesota, USA Latitude (N): 44.47° Longitude (W): 93.62°
Site notes: Alternate name: Eggert Lake
McAndrews, J. H. 1968
Pollen Evidence for the Protohistoric Development of the "Big Woods" in Minnesota (U.S.A.). Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 6:201-211.
Sites discussed: Bossuot Lake, Campbell Lake, Farquar Lake, Kouert Lake, Murphy Lake, St Catherine Lake, Sunfish Lake.

McAndrews, J. H. 1988
Human Disturbance of North American Forests and Grasslands: The Fossil Pollen Record. In Vegetation History, edited by B. Huntley and T. Webb III, pp. 673-697. Kluwer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands.
Sites discussed: Lake Patzcuaro, Mexico; Lake [sic] Quexil, Guatemala; Mug House Pueblo, Colorado; Crawford Lake, Ontario; Linsley Pond, Connecticut; Quirke Lake, Ontario; Kouert Lake, Minnesota; Pasqua Lake, Saskatchewan; Wildcat Lake, Washington; Deer Lake, British Columbia. A review paper of published sites, pollen diagrams from the discussed sites are included (10/10/2009).

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