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Location: Saskatchewan, Canada Latitude (N): 54.67° Longitude (W): 107.82°
Site notes:
Kuhry, P. 1994
The Role of Fire in the Development of Sphagnum- dominated Peatlands in Western Boreal Canada. Journal of Ecology 82:899-910.
AEU SCI QH 540 J86 Site discussed: Beauval.

Kuhry, P., B. J. Nicholson, L. D. Gignac, D. H. Vitt, and S. E. Bayley 1993
Development of Sphagnum-dominated Peatlands in Boreal Continental Canada. Canadian Journal of Botany 71:10-22.
AEU SCI QK 1 C21 Sites discussed: Gypsumville Bog, Elk Island, Beauval, La Ronge Bog Buffalo Narrows.

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