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Wood Bog (GgQq-7)

Location: Alberta, Canada Latitude (N): Longitude (W):
Site notes: Borden number: GgQq-7

Beaudoin, A. B. 2008
Seeds and Shells from Soft Sediment: Macrofossil Analysis at Some Late Quaternary Sites in Alberta. In Alberta Palaeontological Society, Twelfth Annual Symposium, Abstracts Volume, pp. 9-12. Mount Royal College, Calgary, Alberta.
Site discussed: Fletcher (DjOw-1), Jenner, Webb Dugout, Wood Bog. Extended abstract. Review of techniques and some results. (16/03/2008).

Beaudoin, A. B. 2010
A postglacial macrofossil record from the Grande Prairie area, Alberta. In Prairie Summit, Joint Conference of the Canadian Association of Geographers, Canadian Cartographic Association, Canadian Geomorphology Research Group, and Canadian Remote Sensing Society, Regina, Saskatchewan, June 1-5 2010, Program and Abstracts, pp. 78.
Site discussed: Wood Bog. Poster presentation. Describes the site and its stratigraphy. Shows the macrofossil record and its chronologic control. Describes the postglacacial landscape changes inferred from the record. (18/05/2012).

Beaudoin, A. B., and L. Halsey 1989
Some Preliminary Observations on a 9,000 Year Palaeoenvironmental Record from the Grande Prairie Area, Alberta. In CANQUA 1989 Program and Abstracts, pp. 26. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Site discussed: Wood Bog. Mentions up to 50 seed types from the core, and lowermost radiocarbon ages around 9200 yr BP. Notes that this site appears to preserve a good continuous Holocene record.

Beaudoin, A. B., M. Wright, and B. Ronaghan 1996
Late Quaternary Landscape History and Archaeology in the "Ice- Free Corridor": Some Recent Results from Alberta. Quaternary International 32:113-126.
AEU SCI QE 696 Q229 Site discussed: Wood Bog. Includes some discussion of the Wood Bog macrofossil record and the macrofossil diagram.

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