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Ritchie, J. C. 1985
Quaternary Pollen Records from the Western Interior and the Arctic of Canada. In Pollen Records of Late-Quaternary North American Sediments, edited by V. M. Bryant Jr and R. G. Holloway, pp. 327-352. American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists Foundation, Texas, USA.
Sites discussed: Watino, Kelowna Bog, Chalmers Bog, Yamnuska Bog, Wedge Lake, Wabamun Lake, Robinson, Lofty Lake, Fiddlers Pond, Spring Lake, Boone Lake, Herbert, Hafichuk, Kayville (Scrimbit), Clearwater, Crestwynd, Martens Slough, Lake A, Lake B, Cycloid Lake, Belmont Lake, Glenboro, Sewell Lake, Lake Manitoba, Riding Mountain, Riding Mountain (E Lake), Russell, Grand Rapids, Flin Flon, Porcupine Mountain, Clearwater Bog, Thompson, Lynn Lake, Reindeer Lake, Ennadai Lake, Nichol Lake, Long Lake (NWT), Slow River, Grant Lake, Natla Bog, John Klondike Bog, Hanging Lake, Twin Tamarack Lake. A useful review article. Includes summary pollen diagrams for many of the sites discussed.

Westgate, J. A., P. Fritz, J. V. Matthews Jr., L. Kalas, L. D. Delorme, R. Green, and R. Aario 1972
Geochronology and Palaeoecology of the Mid-Wisconsin Sediments in West-Central Alberta, Canada. In 24th International Geological Congress, Montreal, Abstracts, pp. 380.
Site discussed: Watino.

Westgate, J. A., P. Fritz, J. V. Matthews Jr., L. Kalas, and R. Green 1971
Sediments of Mid-Wisconsin Age in West-Central Alberta: Geochronology, Insects, Ostracodes, Mollusca, and the Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Molluscan Shells. Geological Society of America, Abstracts with Programs, Rocky Mountain Section 24th Annual Meeting 3(6):419.
Site discussed: Watino.

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