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Marguerite Lake Peatland

Location: Alberta, Canada Latitude (N): 54.63° Longitude (W): 110.72°
Site notes:
Kubiw, H. J. 1987
The Development and Chemistry of Muskiki and Marguerite Lake Peatlands, Central Alberta. Unpublished M.Sc. thesis. Department of Botany, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 140 pages.
Sites discussed: Muskiki Lake, Marguerite Lake.

Kubiw, H., M. Hickman, and D. H. Vitt 1989
The Development of Peatlands at Muskiki and Marguerite Lakes, Alberta. Canadian Journal of Botany 67:3534-3544.
AEU SCI QK 1 C21 Sites discussed: Muskiki Lake, Marguerite Lake.

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