Alwynne B. Beaudoin - Lake File

Jenner Dugout

Location: Alberta, Canada Latitude (N): 50.73° Longitude (W): 110.78°
Site notes:
Beaudoin, A. B. 1992
Early Holocene Palaeoenvironmental Data Preserved in "Non- Traditional" Sites. The 2nd Palliser Triangle Global Change Conference, Regina, Saskatchewan, Program with Abstracts .
Sites discussed: Fletcher (DjOw-1), Jenner Dugout, Webb Dugout, Kirriemuir Dugout.

Beaudoin, A. B. 2008
Seeds and Shells from Soft Sediment: Macrofossil Analysis at Some Late Quaternary Sites in Alberta. In Alberta Palaeontological Society, Twelfth Annual Symposium, Abstracts Volume, pp. 9-12. Mount Royal College, Calgary, Alberta.
Site discussed: Fletcher (DjOw-1), Jenner, Webb Dugout, Wood Bog. Extended abstract. Review of techniques and some results. (16/03/2008).

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