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Wolf Creek

Location: Minnesota, USA Latitude (N): 46.12° Longitude (W): 94.12°
Site notes:
Birks, H. J. B. 1976
Late Wisconsinan Vegetational History at Wolf Creek, Central Minnesota. Ecological Monographs 46:395-429.
AEU SCI QH 540 E28 Site discussed: Wolf Creek.

Holloway, R. G., and V. M. Bryant Jr 1985
Late-Quaternary Pollen Records and Vegetational History of the Great Lakes Region: United States and Canada. In Pollen Records of late-Quaternary North American Sediments, edited by V. M. Bryant Jr and R. G. Holloway, pp. 205-245. American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists Foundation, Texas, USA.
Sites discussed: HorseshoeLake (MN), Kylen Lake, Wolf Creek, Itasca, Stevens Pond, Lake Carlson, Kirchner Marsh.

Ritchie, J. C., and G. M. MacDonald 1986
The Patterns and Post-glacial Spread of White Spruce. Journal of Biogeography 13:527-546.
AEU SCI G 1 J855 Sites discussed: Kylen Lake, Wolf Lake.

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