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Long Lake (Sask)

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada Latitude (N): 56.86° Longitude (W): 108.99°
Site notes:
Fisher, T. G., and C. Souch 1998
Northwest Outlet Channels of Lake Agassiz, Isostatic Tilting and a Migrating Continental Drainage Divide, Saskatchewan, Canada. Geomorphology 25:57-73.
Sites discussed: Long Lake, Haas Lake, Klap Lake. All sites in west central Saskatchewan, within the Clearwater-Athabasca spillway. Sampled mainly to obtain basal dates and thus provide limiting dates for decanting of Glacial Lake Agassiz. (21/04/2007).

McLeod, T. K., and G. M. MacDonald 1997
Postglacal range expansion and population growth of Picea mariana, Picea glauca and Pinus banksiana in the western interior Canada. Journal of Biogeography 24(6):865-881.
Sites discussed: Twin Tamarack Lake, Sweet Little Lake, Lac Meleze, Gannet Lake, Rugged Lake, Lac Demain, Lac Ciel Blanc, Wild Spear Lake, Snowshoe Lake, Lone Fox Lake, Hobbes Lake, Long Lake, Cycloid Lake. Examines patterns and rate of dispersal of the three tree taxa based on pollen records from this transect of lakes. (21/05/2012).

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