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Fauquier Site

Location: British Columbia, Canada Latitude (N): 49.86° Longitude (W): 118.08°
Site notes: Site location not clear, approximate location indicated here.
Fulton, R. J., B. G. Warner, H. J. Kubiw, and R. A. Achard 1989
Geology and paleoecology of early Holocene lacustrine deposits in the Columbia River valley near Fauquier, southern British Columbia. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 26:257-265.
AEU SCI QE 1 C212 Site discussed: Fauquier. Site location is given only as 1 km south of the community of Fauquier. Discussion includes dates, stratigraphy and pollen and plant macrofossil analyses. Site was visited at intervals years apart, so the record is a composite from several diffeent studies. (21/05/2012).

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