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Coldwater Lake (ND)

Location: North Dakota, USA Latitude (N): 46.02° Longitude (W): 99.08°
Site notes:
Fritz, S. C., E. Ito, Z. Yu, K. Laird, and D. R. Engstrom 2000
Hydrological Variation in the Northern Great Plains During the Last Two Millennia. Quaternary Research 53:175-184.
AEU SCI QE 696 Q24 Sites discussed: Moon Lake, Coldwater Lake, Rice Lake.

Laird, K. R., B. F. Cumming, S. Wunsam, J. A. Rusak, R. J. Oglesby, S. C. Fritz, and P. R. Leavitt 2003
Lake sediments record large-scale shifts in moisture regimes across the northern prairies of North America during the past two millennia. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) 100(5):2483-2488.
Sites discussed: Chauvin Lake, Nora Lake, Coldwater Lake, Moon Lake, Elk Lake (Clearwater County Study based on analysis of diatom records.

Laird, K. R., S. C. Fritz, E. C. Grimm, and P. G. Mueller 1996
Century-scale Paleoclimate Reconstruction from Moon Lake, a Closed-basin Lake in the Northern Great Plains. Limnology and Oceanography 41(5):890-902.
AEU SCI GC 1 L73 Sites discussed: Moon Lake, Coldwater Lake.

Smith, A. J. 1994
Calibration of Ostracodes as Hydrochemical Indicators Using Lake Sediment Records from 1900 to Present from the Great Plains. In American Quaternary Association (AMQUA) Program and Abstracts of the Thirteenth Biennial Meeting. p. 162. June 19- 22, 1994, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.
Sites discussed: Coldwater Lake (ND), Rice Lake, Cochrane Lake. Used a modern data set to interpret records from these three lakes. Records showed shift to more saline conditions during 1930s. (16/12/2007).

Umbanhowar Jr, C. E. 1996
Recent fire history of the northern Great Plains. American Midland Naturalist 135:115-121.
Sites discussed: Brush Lake, Rice Lake (ND), Coldwater Lake (ND), Lake Cochrane. Examined charcoal records from four lakes. (18/05/2012).

Xia, J., D. R. Engstrom, and E. Ito 1997
Geochemistry of Ostracode Calcite: Part 2. The Effects of Water Chemistry and Seasonal Temperature Variation on Candona rawsoni. Geochemica et Cosmochimica Acta 61(2):383-391.
Sites discussed: Coldwater Lake, Pickerel Lake, Roslyn Lake.

Xia, J., B. Haskell, D. Engstrom, and E. Ito 1994
Holocene Climate Reconstructions from a Saline Lake Trace Element and Stable Isotope Composition of Ostracodes and Endogenic Carbonates from Coldwater Lake, N. Dakota, USA. In American Quaternary Association (AMQUA) Program and Abstracts of the Thirteenth Biennial Meeting. p. 189. June 19- 22, 1994, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.
Site discussed: Coldwater Lake. Recovered core is ca. 18 m long. Geochechemistry and ostracode assemblages reflect lake chemistry. Rapid change from fresh to saline conditions in early Holocene. Wetter/cooler conditions in mid-Holocene, drier and warmer in late Holocene. Record shows considerable variability throughout. (17/12/2007).

Yansa, C. H. 2002
The Spatial and Temporal Boundaries of White Spruce Occupation of the Northern Great Plains During the Terminal Pleistocene Based on Pollen and Plant Macrofossil Evidence. GAC-MAC Abstracts 27:128. GAC-MAC Joint Annual Meeting, Saskatoon, May 27 - 29 2002, vol. 27.
Sites discussed: Andrews, Neufeld, Coldwater Lake (ND), Beechy, Wendel.

Yansa, C. H. 2002
Late-glacial and Early Postglacial Vegetation and Climate Change in the Northeastern Great Plains: Evidence from Pollen and Plant Macrofossil Studies. Unpublished PhD dissertation. Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin, USA xii + 337 pages.
Sites discussed: Wendel, Coldwater Lake (ND), Trollwood Park, Big Stone Lake. Sites investigated using both pollen and plant macroremains.

Yansa, C. H. 2006
The Timing and Nature of Late Quaternary Vegetation Changes in the Northern Great Plains, USA and Canada: A Re-assessment of the Spruce Phase. Quaternary Science Reviews 25:263-281.
Sites discussed: Rosebud, Strouckel, Cottonwood Lake (SD), Medicine Lake (SD), Coldwater Lake (ND), Wendel, Tappen, Moon Lake (ND), Johns Lake, Rice Lake (ND), Kettle Lake, Scrimbit, Andrews, Hafichuk, Neufeld, Herbert, Kyle, Clearwater Lake (Sask), Beechy, Dinsmore, Riding Mountain (Lake E). Six sites form the main focus of the paper: Wendel, Coldwater Lake, Andrews, Kyle, Beechy, and Neufeld.

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