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Lake Cochrane

Location: South Dakota, USA Latitude (N): 44.70° Longitude (W): 96.50°
Site notes:
Clark, J. S., E. C. Grimm, J. Lynch, and P. G. Mueller 2001
Effects of Holocene Climate Change in the C4 Grassland/Woodland Boundary in the Northern Plains, USA. Ecology 82(3):620-636.
AEU SCI QH 540 E19 Sites discussed: Deming Lake, Brush Lake, Kettle Lake, Lake Cochrane, Dark Lake, Moon Lake, Fish Lake.

Umbanhowar Jr, C. E. 1996
Recent fire history of the northern Great Plains. American Midland Naturalist 135:115-121.
Sites discussed: Brush Lake, Rice Lake (ND), Coldwater Lake (ND), Lake Cochrane. Examined charcoal records from four lakes. (18/05/2012).

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