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Hedrick Lake

Location: Wyoming, USA Latitude (N): 43.73° Longitude (W): 110.59°
Site notes: In Grand Teton National Park.
Jacobs, K., and C. Whitlock 2006
2000 Years of Fire History from Three Sites in Grand Teton National Park. In American Quaternary Association (AMQUA) Program and Abstracts of the Nineteenth Biennial Meeting, pp. pp. 97-98. Ocean/Atmosphere Interactions and Continental Consequences: Environmental Forecasting from the Quaternary Sciences. August 14- 22, 2006, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana.
Sites discussed: Hedrick Lake, Pothole Lake, Swan Lake. Low elevation ecosystems. Examined charcoal records from these three lakes. Fires of 1980s show up in all three as do other fires in last 2000 years. Fire record differs between sites in sagebrush steppe and lodgepole pine forest, probably due to differing fuel loading in relation to climate and moisture regimes. (20/12/2007).

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