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Pogonia Bog Pond

Location: Minnesota, USA Latitude (N): 45.03° Longitude (W): 93.63°
Site notes:
Grimm, E. C. 1983
Chronology and Dynamics of Vegetation Change in the Prairie- Woodland Region of Southern Minnesota, U.S.A. The New Phytologist 93:311-350.
AEU SCI QK 1 N53 Sites discussed: Pogonia Bog Pond, Wolsfeld Lake, Stone Lake Tamarack Swamp, Rutz Lake, Lake Carlson, Kirchner Marsh, French Lake.

Swain, P. C. 1979
The Development of Some Bogs in Eastern Minnesota. Unpublished PhD Dissertation. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
Sites discussed: Stone Lake Tamarack Swamp, Pogonia Bog Pond, Beckman Lake.

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