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Taylor Lake

Location: Oregon, USA Latitude (N): 43.81° Longitude (W): 121.96°
Site notes:
Long, C. J., and C. Whitlock 2002
Millennial- to Decadal-Scale Fire and Vegetation History of the Southern Temperate Rain Forest, Northwestern North America. In American Quaternary Association (AMQUA) Program and Abstracts of the Seventeenth Biennial Meeting. pp. 80. Environmental Change and Human Migrations in the North Pacific Basin. August 8-11, 2002, University of Alaska Anchorage, Alaska.
Sites discussed: Lost Lake, Little Lake, Taylor Lake. Examined high-resolution charcoal and pollen records. Sites are from different present ecozones. Charcoal suggests fire more fequent in early Holocne, possibly correlated to droughts. Timing of fire episodes appears to match between sites, suggesting regional drought conditions. (19/12/2007).

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