This page comprises a list of selected personal publications, mostly dealing with palaeoenvironmental and geoarchaeological work in western Canada.

Edited volumes, papers, and book chapters
Research-related publications in refereed (peer-reviewed) journals, edited volumes, and book chapters. See also citations of these publications.
Short notes
Short notes, most of them refereeed, in various journals, brief communications, and abstracts for conference sessions organized. See also citations of these publications.
In-house publications
In-house publications, mostly contributions to Archaeological Survey of Alberta Occasional Paper and Archaeological Survey of Alberta Manuscript Series, including two bibliographies. See also citations of these publications.
Other publications
General interest items, articles in conference proceedings, essays, commentary, field-trip guidebooks, and material written for public education and museum outreach. See also citations of these publications.
Conference presentations and abstracts
Also includes a list of symposia and conference sessions organized. A travelogue for the last four decades! See also citations of these abstracts.
Book reviews
Reviews of technical and general interest books, as well as reviews of various kinds of fiction. See also citations of these reviews.
Newsletter articles
A selection of shorter articles and items published in professional association newsletters, including conference and meeting reports, discussion pieces, essays, announcements and comments. See also citations of these items.
Newsletters compiled and/or edited
List of issues compiled and/or edited for Geolog, Mammoth Tracks, and CAP Newsletter.
Reports and other grey literature
Reports, mostly internal and unpublished, dealing with palaeoenvironmental and archaeological matters. See also citations of these reports.
Online documents and blogs
On-line publications, several of which are only available in electronic form, and some on-line versions of items published in print. See also citations of these items.
Contributions to galleries and exhibitions at the Royal Alberta Museum and elsewhere.
For more information:
  1. See also Google Scholar, ResearcherID, Publons and ResearchGate profiles.
  2. Summary table of citations for each article.


Publication category Number of items Web of Science citations Citations in other sources
Peer-reviewed papers 43 787 957
Edited volumes 2 1 6
Book chapters 7 16 61
Theses 3 18 65
Short notes 17 24 25
In-house publications 11 18 67
Other publications 51 17 57
Conference abstracts 138 24 60
Book reviews 161 - 2
Newsletter articles 191 4 5
Reports and other grey literature 31 7 33
Online documents and blogs 11 1 5

Citations of peer-reviewed publications and theses by year

citations of peer reviewed publications

Notes: WoS = Web of Science, Others = other online citation sources, such as Scopus, and other non-online sources. The list of other citations only includes those not in Web of Science, to avoid double-counting.

Citations of book chapters by year

citations of book chapters

Notes: Categories as above.

Citations of other publications and written material by year

citations of other publications

Notes: Categories as above.

Publications growth summary by year

Summary of publications

Notes: For the break-down of what is included in the "other publications and written material" category, see table above. Total (679) includes a small number of items that are limited circulation.

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