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Beaudoin, Alwynne B. (2021)
A Tumultuous Year and a Time of Change at the Royal Alberta Museum.
Posted as FRAMS e-newsletter, August 2021
Beaudoin, Alwynne B. (2015)
A Closer Look at the Naturalist's Study.
Posted on royalalbertamuseumblog, January 28 2015. Available at
Beaudoin, Alwynne B. (2014)
Tracking Data the Analogue Way.
Posted on royalalbertamuseumblog, October 2 2014. Available at
Beaudoin, A. B. (compiler) (2008 and subsequent updates until 2014)
CAP Newsletter Author Index, 63 pp.
Last updated: May 31 2014, PDF file, 783 kb, 83 pages. Last indexed issue: Volume 37, Number 1.
Beaudoin, A. B. (1997)
Entangled in the Past: Archaeology on the World Wide Web. Alberta Archaeological Review 27: 11-20.
Was available on Provincial Museum of Alberta/Royal Alberta Museum's website between 1997 and 2017. No longer available online.
Beaudoin, A. B. (1996)
Essay: What is Palynology? C.A.P. Newsletter 19(1): 11-17.
This article was originally prepared at the invitation of Dr Alan Morgan for the "Careers in Earth Science" on-line presentation, prepared for the Canadian Geoscience Council, and hosted by the Geoscience Department, University of Waterloo, Ontario.
Beaudoin, A. B. (1995 and subsequent updates)
A Dictionary of Quaternary Acronyms and Abbreviations
Beaudoin, A. B. (1995 and subsequent updates until 2016)
CAP (Canadian Association of Palynologists) Home Page
New editor and new website in 2016. No longer available at original location. URL for new version:
Beaudoin, A. B., D. S. Lemmen and R. E. Vance (1997)
Paleoenvironmental Records of Postglacial Climate Change in the Prairie Ecozone. On-line paper prepared for EMAN (Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network), based on a plenary presentation at the 3rd National EMAN Meeting, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 22 January 1997.
Document was hosted (1997-2010) at the EMAN website, until EMAN was shut down in 2010. You may download the MapPad data file compiling the sites used for the maps in this paper.
Bolton, Matthew S., and Alwynne B. Beaudoin (2018)
Building skills: Using seeds and shells to learn about Alberta's ancient environments.
Posted on RETROactive, April 11, 2018. Available at
Kristensen, Todd, and Alwynne Beaudoin (2014)
Ecological Catastrophes in Alberta's Past: The Mazama Volcanic Eruption.
Posted on RETROactive, August 7, 2014. Available at

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