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The First People. In Alberta: A Natural History, edited by W. G. Hardy, pp. 277-293. M. G. Hurtig, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
AEU SCI QH 106 H27

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The Buffalo People: Prehistoric Archaeology on the Canadian Plains. The University of Alberta Press, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada xv + 215 pages.
AEU HSS E 78 P7 B93 1991 The title describes the content well. The book would be easier to follow with more maps showing the discussed sites' relationship to each other and their setting. (30/Jan/1997).

Fagan, B. 1995
Time Detectives: How Archaeologists Use Technology to Recapture the Past. Simon and Schuster, New York, USA 288 pages.
AEU HSS CC 175 F34 See Chapter 2 "Where he got his head smashed in", pp. 58-74. A series of essays, each focused on a different site (Head-Smashed-In is included, also Copán, Hadrian's Wall, Annapolis). The essays are arranged in roughly chronologic order to provide a survey of archaeology dealing with sites from the far past into the only just past. (16/Nov/1996).

MacDonald, D. H., 2012
Montana Before History: 11,000 Years of Hunter-Gatherers in the Rockies and Plains. Montana Press Publishing Company, Missoula, Montana, USA. 194 pages.
AEPMA 978.6 M1351 A survey of Montana's prehistoric archaeology from Paleoindian to Late Prehistoric times. Introductory chapter deals with hunter-gatherers and the history of archaeological work in Montana. Highlights some important sites in Montana, such as Mill Iron, MacHaffie, Agate Basin and Mummy Cave. Many Montana sites are very important in the development of Plains archaeology, Also discusses sites in the mountains and foothills, especially rock-art sites on exposed rock surfaces. Includes discussion of sites in neighbouring jurisdictions, especially Wyoming, but also North and South Dakota, Alberta and Saskatchewan, all east of the continental divide. This is an excellent background introductory survey. (18/Oct/2012)

Pringle, H. 1996
In Search of Ancient North America: An Archaeological Journey to Forgotten Cultures. John Wiley and Sons, Inc., New York, USA xi + 227 pages.
AEU HSS E 77.9 P58 See Chapter 8 Killing Fields: Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Alberta, pp. 149-167. This is a survey of some important North American archaeological sites (and archaeologists) including Bluefish Caves, northern Yukon, and Head- Smashed-In, near Fort Macleod, southwest Alberta. Pringle emphasizes astro-archaeological explanations for structures. Written for a lay audience, and explains the process of doing archaeology. An easy read. (20/Jul/1996).

Safarik, A. (editor) 1995
Wanuskewin Guide Book. Wanuskewin Heritage Park Inc., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada 88 pages.
A visitor's guide to the Wanuskewin Heritage Park, giving some background on the history and development of the Park, a summary of what the visitor will see, and describing the amenities and trails at the site. The Park is located just outside the city of Saskatoon was opened to the public in 1992. Also includes a short discussion of each of the nineteen archaeological sites within the Park by Dr E. G. Walker, who led much of the excavation work there in the 1980s. The archaeological record extends back to about 6000 years ago. Sites include camp sites, kill sites (where bison were killed and processed), a Medicine Wheel, and various other multicomponent sites. Most of the sites are located along or close to Opimihaw Creek, which occupies a deeply-incised valley draining to the South Saskatchewan River, on its north side. The booklet also includes a useful fold-out chart showing the northern plains cultural sequence for orientation in time. The book is hard to read though. The text is in a very lightweight font and is quite small and, except for the fold-out pages, it is printed on mid-brown (tan) coloured paper. (21/Nov/2010).

Vickers, J. R. 1986
Alberta Plains Prehistory: A Review. Archaeological Survey, Occasional Papers No. 27. Archaeological Survey of Alberta, Alberta Culture, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 139 pages. Bound with No. 28.
AEU HSS E 78 A34 V637 1986

Wormington, H. M., and R. G. Forbis 1965
An Introduction to the Archaeology of Alberta, Canada. Proceedings, Number 11. Denver Museum of Natural History, Denver, Colorado, USA xviii + 248 pages.
AEU HSS FC 3666 W93 1965 This is a classic foundation book, the first to attempt a systematic look at the archaeology of Alberta. Even now, it is essential reading for anyone working in Alberta archaeology.

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