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Methods and Techniques - Soils and Sediments

Book cover Agriculture Canada Expert Committee on Soil Survey 1987
The Canadian System of Soil Classification. 2nd edition. Agriculture Canada Publication 1646. Research Branch, Agriculture Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 164 pages.
AEU SCI S 592.16 C22 1987 Standard reference for identification and description of Canadian soils. Includes definitions of terminology and criteria for identification of different horizons. Third edition (1998) now available.

Dumanski, J. (editor) 1978
Manual for Describing Soils in the Field. Soil Research Institute, Agriculture Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
AEU BARD S 592.16 C36 1978

Book cover Hesse, P. R. 1971
A Textbook of Soil Chemical Analysis. John Murray, London, England, UK. xxiii + 520 pages.
AEU SCI S 593 H58

Johnson, M. R. 1992
A Proposed Format for General-purpose Comprehensive Graphic Logs. Sedimentary Geology 81:289-298.
AEU SCI Q 581 S44

McKeague, J. A. 1978
Manual on Soil Sampling and Methods of Analysis. Prepared by Subcommittee on Methods of Analysis of Canadian Soil Survey Committee. 2nd edition. Translated by Canadian Society of Soil Science. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada ii + 212 pages.
AEU SCI S 593 C225 1978

Book cover Nomenclature Committee of the Canadian Society of Soil Science 1976
Glossary of Terms in Soil Science. Revised edition. Publication 1459. Research Branch, Canada Department of Agriculture, Ottawa, Ontario. 44 pages.
Terms are given in English, followed by the French language equivalents. Definitions are often quite extensive. The glossary also includes agricultural terms that relate to soils (e.g., green manure). A useful reference work. (10/Nov/2010).

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