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Methods and Techniques - Dating Techniques

Book cover Huntley, D. J., and O. B. Lian 1999
Using Optical Dating to Determine When a Sediment was Last Exposed to Sunlight. In Holocene Climate and Environmental Change in the Palliser Triangle: A Geoscientific Context for Evaluating the Impacts of Climate Change in the Southern Canadian Prairies, edited by D. S. Lemmen and R. E. Vance, pp. 211-222. Geological Survey of Canada Bulletin 534. Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
AEU SCI QE 185 A43 No. 534

Julg, A., R. Lafont, and G. Perinet 1987
Mechanisms of Collagen Racemization in Fossil Bones: Application to Absolute Dating. Quaternary Science Reviews 6:25-28.
AEU SCI QE 696 Q245 Information on amino acid racemization in bones.

Lian, O. B., D. J. Huntley, and S. A. Wolfe 2002
Optical Dating of Eolian Dune Sand from the Canadian Prairies. Géographie physique et Quaternaire 56(2-3):191- 202.
AEU SCI G 1 R452 Note: Volume dated 2002 but published in 2004.

Book cover Olsson, I. U. 1986
Radiometric Dating. In Handbook of Holocene Palaeoecology and Palaeohydrology, edited by B. E. Berglund, pp. 273-312. John Wiley, New York, USA.
AEU SCI QE 741 H236

Book cover Rutter, N. W., and N. R. Catto (editors) 1995
Dating Methods for Quaternary Deposits. GeoText2. Geological Association of Canada, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.
AEU SCI QE 696 D38 1995

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