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Bedrock Geology and Physiography

The Forks area - Bedrock Geology and Physiography

Millard, M. J. 1990
Geology and Groundwater Resources of the Prince Albert Area (73H), Saskatchewan. SRC Publication No. R-1210-8-E-90. Saskatchewan Research Council, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. 27 pages.

Richards, J. H. 1969
Physical Features of Saskatchewan. In Atlas of Saskatchewan, edited by J. H. Richards and K. Fung, pp. 40-41. University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Book cover Storer, J. 1989
Geological History of Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan Museum of Natural History, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. 90 pages.
A guide that was compiled to accompany the Earth Sciences Gallery in the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. The information is arranged chronologically and includes images from the gallery displays. A useful summary and synthesis. (18/May/2004).

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