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Book cover Waiser, B. 2005
Saskatchewan: A New History. Fifth House Ltd, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. 563 pages.
AEU HSS FC 3511 W325 A highly readable account of Saskatchewan's recent history, concentrating on the interval since it became a province on September 1 1905. Several themes stand out in this account. The tension between rural and urban areas and increasing disparity in wealth and influence between those components of the economic landscape as drivers (or not) of prosperity is one theme. Another is the tension between Aboriginal people, who are becoming a proportionally larger part of the population, and the rest of the population. To some extent, this is also a rural/urban split or a north/south split but not entirely because many Aboriginal people have moved to the cites but have not shared in their prosperity. Another theme that comes through is the "poor cousin" status of Saskatchewan compared to Alberta, right from the start when Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier chose to attend provincial inauguration ceremonies in Edmonton not Regina. Although much of this account inevitably revolves around politics and accounts of changing government policies, other aspects of Saskatchewan life and government, other aspects of Saskatchewan life are touched on, including sports, cultural events, and popular culture. Illustrated with some great historic photos. My only quibble is a need for more maps due to the plethora of place names mentioned. This is a lucid account and a good read. (27/Jun/2011).

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