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The Forks area - Present Landscapes and Environments

Book cover Acton, D. F., G. A. Padbury, C. T. Stushnoff, L. Gallagher, D. Gauthier, L. Kelly, T. Radenbaugh, and J. Thorpe 1998
The Ecoregions of Saskatchewan. Canadian Plains Research Center, University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. xii + 205 pages.
AEU HSS QH 106.2 S2 E19 1998

Archibold, O. W., and M. R. Wilson 1980
The Natural Vegetation of Saskatchewan Prior to Agricultural Settlement. Canadian Journal of Botany 58:2031-2042.
AEU SCI QK 1 C21 Used Dominion Land Survey (DLS) maps to reconstruct vegetation in central Saskatchewan, extending to the Forks area.

Schwab-Moe, B. 1987
A Floristic Study of the Fort la Corne Area, Central Saskatchewan. Unpublished thesis. Freien Universitat Berlin, Berlin, Germany. vi + 141 pages.

Weir, J. M. H., and E. A. Johnson 1998
Effects of Escaped Settlement Fires and Logging on Forest Composition in the Mixedwood Boreal Forest. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 28:459-467.
AEU SCI SD 145 C23 Area studied is south and southeast part of Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan.

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