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Cypress Hills region - Quaternary Stratigraphy and Glacial History
Tephras in western North America

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Reports a couplet of Glacier Peak and Mount St Helens set J ash, found at four sites in NE Washington. Radiocarbon dated about 12,000 yr BP. Notes that this age is older than the previously-reported (11,200 yr BP) age on Glacier Peak tephra. (16/12/2007).

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A brief review of the Park, including details about Crater Lake's physiography and biology, and a summary of the development of the crater and the volcano's history. Useful background for the Mazama story. Written for a non-technical readership. Short but useful. (06/04/2007).

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Mostly focusses on Mazama ash.

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AEU SCI QE 1 C21 This is the classic foundation reference for tephra work in western Canada. Reports the occurrence of three layers (Bridge River, St Helens, Mazama) from a section at Saskatchewan Crossing. The section is still there and has been visited by generations of students on field trips.

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AEU SCI QE 1 C212 Identified three tephras in peat deposits. Related these to the Bridge River, St Helens Y, and Mazama tephras. Notes that the ash layers are complex, which may suggest either repeated eruptive events within a short time, or perhaps redeposition of tephra from primary context.

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