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Cypress Hills region - Ethnohistory and Ethnobotany

Book cover Bonnichsen, R., and S. J. Baldwin 1978
Cypress Hills Ethnohistory and Ecology. Archaeological Survey of Alberta Occasional Paper No. 10. Alberta Culture, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
AEU PMC GOV DOC CA2 AL CU31 016 No. 010

Fredlund, G., L. Sundstrom, and R. Armstrong 1996
Crazy Mule's Maps of the Upper Missouri, 1877-1880. Plains Anthropologist 41(155):5-27.
AEU HSS E 51 P69 Includes area of Milk River and Bearpaw Mountains, south of the US-Canada border.

Book cover Johnston, A. 1982
Plants and the Blackfoot. Natural History Occasional Paper No. 4. Provincial Museum of Alberta, Alberta Culture, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. xii + 106 pages.
Reprinted in 1987 by the Lethbridge Historical Society (cover image).

Kerik, J. 1985
Living with the Land: Use of Plants by the Native People of Alberta. Provincial Museum of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. iii + 39 pages.

Peacock, S. L. 1992
Piikani Ethnobotany: Traditional Plant Knowledge of the Piikani Peoples of the Northwestern Plains. Unpublished MA thesis. Archaeology Department, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
UoC Library E99 P58 P43 1992

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